Why Hire A PT?

Unfortunately most gyms will lose interest in you as soon as you’ve signed on the dotted line. Left to your own devices with little or no attention from the staff and no specific plan, you can see how 80% of people who own a membership stop going after the first month. In comparison we provide a personal service to guide you through your training programme which is guaranteed to deliver RESULTS. As modern day lives become busier many people no longer have the time to commute to a gym or the provision of regular childcare for it to be possible. Just by having an appointment in your diary, increases the rate of success massively, and by removing the commute we remove yet another barrier. Our trainers have researched all the methods and have worked extensively with many people just like you and we now harness the most effective methods to get results faster than any other technique. We are so confident that if you don’t achieve your goal within the timescale set with our trainer we will continue your training FREE OF CHARGE until you do! Invest in personal training and get your body the way you want it and learn how to keep it that way for good.


Each client should have goals for which they are focused on and excited to achieve


You are what you eat. Effective nutrition will dictate upto 80% of your results!


Regular exercise carries many benefits other than just muscle tone and weight loss


Sleep is the bodies time to recover, leaving your body and mind fully restored

Success Stories

Our Body tranformation Specialists


Dan has been working in the fitness industry for over nine years, upon qualification as an Instructor he quickly progressed to managing a well established local health club and is now providing quality Personal Training.

Offering a premium service at competitive rates Dan has been the natural choice for a variety of clients from busy mum's wanting to shed thier baby weight to members of the fire and police force's respectively looking to improve fitness and conditioning.

During his time as a personal trainer he has helped people change their bodies dramatically, enlisted by the NHS to help tackle obesity Dan knows what it takes to bring people from a negative place to turning their lives around for a healthier, fitter future. As well as cosmetic changes he has also helped clients train for races and achieve overall physical and mental well-being.


Gaynor has been working in the fitness industry for over 5 years and in this relatively short period has built up a sound reputation offering solutions and assisting many clients in reaching their goals.

With an almost 30 years training background and having competed at county level in cross country running, she can offer a vast amount of knowledge.

She is happy to offer advice to either new or experienced runners, in addition to people suffering from different medical conditions, cancer sufferers, pre or post natal programmes, body transformations or just for those looking to generally feel better about themselves.